Letís introduce you the work. Love and the unity of the family are the secret of the salvation of maukind. This task is entrusted to all good will do all they can for the cause.

The WORK OF MARY VIRGIN AND MOTHER is committed to the daily visit of families for a new evangelization by praying the Holy Rosary, announcing the Word of God and the teachings of the Christian Catholic Church and the Pope. Mothers and persecuted, in trouble or abandoned children are welcomed and put up in the communities. In order to perform this task, the work has created a solidarity network with doctors, chemists, lawyers, workers and all those who, wishing to do good, place their activity at disposal of it.

The communities of the work are permanent centres of evangelization for the families, in the neighbourhoods, schools and parrishes. They are also centres of spirituality for a culture in favour of life, family, womenís dignity expressed by and throughout meetings, conventions, monthly retreats, the free two-monthly bullettin and listening centres.

The economic sustenance of the communities relies directly and exclusively on the Providence of God who inspires peopleís generosity and good hearts to give their offerings using CURRENT POSTAL ACCOUNT No.

15171846 addressed to: Associazione "Opera di Maria Vergine e Madre" Via Leucosia, 113- 84131 Salerno- Italy.

The work is formed by two branches:

*†† the consecrated members, thatís to say the Sisters, called "Apostoline" (Little Apostles) of the Holy Rosary, the Workers of the Gospel and the Priests Missionaries of the Family

*†† the associated members, who are mothers, fathers, families, young people who devote themselves to the Immaculate Hearth of Mary and dedicate themselves to live their familiar life according to the teachings of the Christian Catholic Church and the Pope.

Our mission is visiting families, welcoming and protecting from the medical, legal and social point of view of motherhood and persecuted or abandoned childhood.

Opera di Maria Vergine e Madre

Via Leucosia, 113

84131 Salerno ĖItaly

Telephone Numbers: +39089335254

+ 390828995185

+ 390828995749

The last number is a Fax too.

You will find further information about the activities and the life of our communities in a few days.